Agriya and HostHero Have Teamed Up

HostHero is excited to announce a new partnership with Agriya, a global leader in web development, which specializes in creating high impact websites, web applications, and offers a remarkable array of scripts (see them all here

Agriya has successfully created scripts that mirror industry leaders such as: AirBnB, Gilt, Groupon, Foodspotting, Kickstarter, and Etsy, to name a few.

And that’s not all! Agriya is able to offer custom tailored end-to-end solutions for any sized project ( Poised as a 360 degree solution, Agriya offer scripts and solutions in a wide array of verticals that include social networking, health, finance, and a few other web2.0 applications, and even goes a step further by offering post-sales marketing and SEO services.

Looking ahead, we’re hoping this partnership will help not only deliver to Agriya’s customers the totally optimized, secure, cloud hosting solution they deserve, but also connect our clients to Agriya’s competitively priced web solutions and scripts.

HostHero Cloud Hosting plans are designed to be fully compatible with all of Agriya’s scripts.  Agriya customers can start taking advantage of this new partnership immediately: Use the discount code Agriya25 and save an additional 25% off of our cloud hosting! Sign up today.

WordPress Hosting

Let’s face it; there are hundreds of options of scripts you can deploy on your website, and these days, everything, from a basic blog to a more complex e-commerce script, can be customized to your liking. Yet still, with all of the options, WordPress continues to lead the way as a blogging and CMS script.

The current number is rumored to be just over 70,000,000 – that’s 70 million WordPress sites in the world, with roughly half that amount being hosted by hosting companies just like us. As of 2001, WordPress reported that 100,000 sites were being created EVERY day, and that number is only getting bigger.

One of the reasons WP is far outshining their competition in the open-source script arena, is the ease of which it is to acquire, set up, deploy, and use. Including of course a template system, and plug-in architecture, which opens up a window of possibilities with just a few clicks of the mouse. is a great example of a site that has positioned themselves as a WordPress portal, allowing users to access hundreds of unique themes plugins, and recommended WordPress Hosting providers (check it out here).

More specifically, offers close to 600 themes created by design experts, designed to make your WP site literally pop off the page. Partnering up with heavy hitters like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster (to name a couple), WPHub has created one of the simplest and most user friendly browsing experiences for finding a great theme.

Also available are plugins, tutorials, and even installation and configuration services. You don’t need to be tech savvy or a webmaster to get your site off the ground! With resources like, and a little ingenuity, you can have a professional looking website up and running within minutes.

Remember: Though WordPress has etched its name across the internets as a hosted blog and open-source script, your script options are limitless. Start browsing, poke around a bit, and without doubt you will find something that works for you.

New Design Partner!

HostHero is proud to announce it’s newest partnership with DesignPax, a New York based design solution provider. Within 48 hours, DeisgnPax allows online marketers the ability to order fully customized banner ads, email campaigns, logos, landing pages, and more.

As our business continues to grow steadily, widening our partner network seems only natural – and DesignPax was a natural step to diversifying our rapidly growing network!

Some key features of DeisgnPax:

*Speed: From the moment you submit, your design will be delivered within 48 hours

*Simplicity: Find all your design requirements in one simple form, and they’ll take care of the rest

*Experience: DesignPax has worked with thousands of advertisers, including to name a couple, Google and AdRoll

Whether you are looking for icons, logos, email designs, banner ads, landing pages, Facebook pages, full web sites even, check out DesignPax now!

HostHero fans are welcome to enjoy a special $50 credit at DesignPax with the following promo code: “DesignpaxCredit50″

Visit DesignPax here

Thank you again for being a loyal HostHero user, and keep checking back for more awesome coupons, discounts and promo codes on all of our cloud hosting plans.


The HostHero Team

In the Press: HostHero Awarded Top Cloud VPS

We are extremely proud and thankful to accept the Top Cloud VPS Host award from!

Check it out:

“HostHero is the Top Cloud VPS Host Award winner based on this web hosting company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best in web hosting services and support, according to HostHero is the honored recipient that is taking home this coveted title of Top Cloud VPS Host from Web Host Ranking. With prices starting out at just $3.95 per month with 99.9 percent uptime and a 30-day money back guarantee, it is no wonder Web Host Ranking saw fit to award HostHero with the Top Cloud VPS Host title.

Web Host Ranking is an online organization that strives to give potential web hosting customers the best information about their favorite web hosting companies. The team at Web Host Ranking researches web hosting companies to provide comparisons and web hosting reviews of the best web hosting services. They choose from the thousands of web hosting companies available on the web to give the best web hosting companies the top ranking spots based on their web hosting service, performance, reliability, security features and more. Using the information from Web Host Ranking, those interested in creating and building their own website can learn about the best web hosting options available vefore getting started. Potential customers and website builders can use the Web Host Ranking comparisons and web hosting reviews to help make their own decision about the best web hosting company for them and their website building needs.

Based on the research put together by the team at Web Host Ranking, HostHero is considered the Top Cloud VPS Hosting provider with tons of features and cloud hosting tools to meet the needs of virtually any website. HostHero VPS features and tools include access to unlimited disk space on Fibre channel drives, unlimited bandwidth, the ability to host unlimited domains and websites on a single web hosting account, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases as well as a free domain for life. Because of all that HostHero is offering, customers can get access to just about every single web hosting tool they will need to build a quality website, all for a low monthly cost! Web Host Ranking is great at highlighting money-saving deals like this one, so it is no wonder HostHero is considered the top cloud VPS host!

In addition to offering dozens of the best web hosting features, HostHero is also known for being super reliable and secure. For those who use their website to promote or sell products from their online business, it is vital to be able to keep that website up and running. Fortunately HostHero has the 99.9 percent uptime guarantee to help with this. Get started building a website in no time with the instant account activation on the cloud. HostHero shared cloud VPS is designed for high usage sites, combine this with all the other options from HostHero and there are plans available for just about any size website or online business. Check out the HostHero fully loaded balanced network as well; understanding the HostHero network adds confidence in HostHero’s ability to meet any web hosting needs.”


Up In The Cloud

“What is cloud hosting?” is probably the question we get the most here at HostHero, so let’s answer it!

First off, lets look at web hosting in general. Web hosting is an internet service that allows people to make their own websites accessible to everyone, via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server (which they either lease or own) to their clients, while providing internet connectivity through their data centers. When a specific code is requested online, the server will then forward the data to the world wide web, and presto! A live website is born.

Cloud hosting is taking the same process, but applying the theory and fidelity of clustered computing: it provides servers with more flexibility and elasticity, constantly evolving with the fluctuations in traffic.  A rapid influx of users to a site previously had tendencies to crowd the server, exhausting all resources and inevitably reaching the point where a website crashes. With cloud hosting though, clients have the ability to take advantage of virtually connected servers that automatically pool resources.

A great example of how cloud hosting works would be, say, if your site was to get picked up by an aggregation-based site like With regular shared hosting, as traffic peaks as a result of the sudden insurgence of users your site would be overloaded and most likely crash. Such is not the case with cloud hosting. Using carefully tuned load-balancing instruments, a cloud hosting infrastructure will have processes in place to carefully adjust the weight on whichever server is affected. This will practically guarantee your site will never go down, since it can pool resources when needed, and distribute accordingly.

Here at HostHero, we also use a CDN or Content Delivery Network (a network that delivers content based on where you are). For example, if you are a client in say, Tampa Bay, Florida, and a user from Singapore is on your site, our CDN will engage and deliver data from the closest point of access. So instead of being routed through a server in Dallas, data will be routed from a much closer server to the user, in Sinagpore. This is just one example of how our CDN works in symphony with our cloud infrastructure.

Cloud hosting gives clients and users all the benefits of a private server, at shared hosting rates – with full redundancy, constant back-ups, and an environment designed to support rapid fluctuations of traffic, cloud hosting boasts features and rates that traditional shared hosting simply can not match.