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Let’s face it; there are hundreds of options of scripts you can deploy on your website, and these days, everything, from a basic blog to a more complex e-commerce script, can be customized to your liking. Yet still, with all of the options, WordPress continues to lead the way as a blogging and CMS script.

The current number is rumored to be just over 70,000,000 – that’s 70 million WordPress sites in the world, with roughly half that amount being hosted by hosting companies just like us. As of 2001, WordPress reported that 100,000 sites were being created EVERY day, and that number is only getting bigger.

One of the reasons WP is far outshining their competition in the open-source script arena, is the ease of which it is to acquire, set up, deploy, and use. Including of course a template system, and plug-in architecture, which opens up a window of possibilities with just a few clicks of the mouse.

WPHub.com is a great example of a site that has positioned themselves as a WordPress portal, allowing users to access hundreds of unique themes plugins, and recommended WordPress Hosting providers (check it out here).

More specifically, WPHub.com offers close to 600 themes created by design experts, designed to make your WP site literally pop off the page. Partnering up with heavy hitters like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster (to name a couple), WPHub has created one of the simplest and most user friendly browsing experiences for finding a great theme.

Also available are plugins, tutorials, and even installation and configuration services. You don’t need to be tech savvy or a webmaster to get your site off the ground! With resources like WPHub.com, and a little ingenuity, you can have a professional looking website up and running within minutes.

Remember: Though WordPress has etched its name across the internets as a hosted blog and open-source script, your script options are limitless. Start browsing, poke around a bit, and without doubt you will find something that works for you.

New Design Partner!

HostHero is proud to announce it’s newest partnership with DesignPax, a New York based design solution provider. Within 48 hours, DeisgnPax allows online marketers the ability to order fully customized banner ads, email campaigns, logos, landing pages, and more.

As our business continues to grow steadily, widening our partner network seems only natural – and DesignPax was a natural step to diversifying our rapidly growing network!

Some key features of DeisgnPax:

*Speed: From the moment you submit, your design will be delivered within 48 hours

*Simplicity: Find all your design requirements in one simple form, and they’ll take care of the rest

*Experience: DesignPax has worked with thousands of advertisers, including to name a couple, Google and AdRoll

Whether you are looking for icons, logos, email designs, banner ads, landing pages, Facebook pages, full web sites even, check out DesignPax now!

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Visit DesignPax here

Thank you again for being a loyal HostHero user, and keep checking back for more awesome coupons, discounts and promo codes on all of our cloud hosting plans.


The HostHero Team