Agriya and HostHero Have Teamed Up

HostHero is excited to announce a new partnership with Agriya, a global leader in web development, which specializes in creating high impact websites, web applications, and offers a remarkable array of scripts (see them all here

Agriya has successfully created scripts that mirror industry leaders such as: AirBnB, Gilt, Groupon, Foodspotting, Kickstarter, and Etsy, to name a few.

And that’s not all! Agriya is able to offer custom tailored end-to-end solutions for any sized project ( Poised as a 360 degree solution, Agriya offer scripts and solutions in a wide array of verticals that include social networking, health, finance, and a few other web2.0 applications, and even goes a step further by offering post-sales marketing and SEO services.

Looking ahead, we’re hoping this partnership will help not only deliver to Agriya’s customers the totally optimized, secure, cloud hosting solution they deserve, but also connect our clients to Agriya’s competitively priced web solutions and scripts.

HostHero Cloud Hosting plans are designed to be fully compatible with all of Agriya’s scripts.  Agriya customers can start taking advantage of this new partnership immediately: Use the discount code Agriya25 and save an additional 25% off of our cloud hosting! Sign up today.